Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday thoughts

Not major pontification in this post, just some thoughts and facts to pass along!
Do the republicans have an image problem? According to a NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll (Jan 12-15) it seems that they do.

Opinion of..........
GOP  - 26% Positive 49% Negative
Dems - 44% Positive 38% Negative
Obama - 52% Positive 37% Negative

One might think, that after the election results, the GOP might get a clue........but it appears the GOP leadership is too dense to grasp reality & they continue on their path of idiocy.

Now that the "Fiscal Cliff" issue has been put to rest (until next time!) the attention turns to the "Debt Ceiling" - With the way the GOP is going, bumbling their way along, I honestly think there's a segment of the republican party that would willingly tank the US & world economy, just to make a point.

Aren't the republicans the party of big business? How can business work and plan ahead when the GOP might stab the economy in the back & take corporate investments down with them?!?!

The GOP majority & led House of Representatives worked a whopping 109 days in 2012! Nice work Mr. Cantor & Mr. Boehner!!

Corporate leaders say Obama policies are holding them back.........not where corporate profits are concerned: 

U.S. corporations’ after-tax profits have grown by 171 percent under Obama, more than under any president since World War II, and are now at their highest level relative to the size of the economy since the government began keeping records in 1947, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

Profits are more than twice as high as their peak during President Ronald Reagan’s administration and more than 50 percent greater than during the late-1990s Internet boom, measured by the size of the economy.
The National Rifle Association (NRA) has morphed into an lunatic managed mouthpiece for the lunatic fringe.


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