Monday, February 11, 2013

Give back here, take more there #NVLEG

In a recent Las Vegas SUN article Nevada State Senator Mike Roberson (R) Henderson, says he wants to reduce the excessive registration fees that Nevada imposes on cars.

(Sun article: )

I couldn't agree more. Nevada while being a supposed "low tax state" makes it up in excessive fees in other area's and vehicle registration is a big one.

While I applaud Senator Roberson's efforts to reduce the vehicle registration fees, I disagree on where the lost vehicle registration fees will be made up. Seems Roberson and Assembly Speaker Marilyn Kirkpatrick (D) North Las Vegas are in the same mindset to hoist a "services tax" on the public to make up for the lost vehicle registration revenue.

This is the old "Revenue Neutral" move where you reduce a tax over here and raise it over while those registering their vehicles will see a reduction in their annual registration costs, when they drive those vehicles to get a hair cut, spa treatment, dog grooming, or any similar service, they will get hit with a tax on those the vehicle owner can revel in glee that they got a nice reduction in their vehicle registration, but if that vehicle owner goes and gets any of the tax targeted services they will pay it right back in nickles and dimes throughout the year!!

So is this a win-win or just moving the tax around? It's a win if you own a car and never use any services like getting a hair cut or go to a salon.........but if you don not own a vehicle and do go get hair cuts or visit a salon you will now be the victim of new taxes you never paid before!!!

So here we ago again with the public taking another hit from the legislature while they go about totally ignoring big business, gaming & mining, as all get off without so much as being asked about paying a single penny while, especially mining and big business swoop in on Nevada minerals and cash and trot off with the profits leaving Nevada with little to show.

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